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We at Vyli focus on the behavioural and mental health problems that result from infertility and reproductive health while taking a holistic approach to healing. Our passionate team of experts is committed to developing strategies that consider a person's psychological, reproductive, and nutritional needs.

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What impact does reproductive health issues or infertility have on psychological well-being?

Reproductive health issues or Infertility often creates one of the most distressing life crises a woman faces. The long-term menstrual issues or inability to conceive a child can evoke significant feelings of loss. Coping with the multitude of medical decisions and the uncertainties that these issues bring can create great emotional upheaval for most woman. Many experience anxiety, depression, and feelings of being out of control or isolated you are not alone.

How do I know I could benefit from psychological counselling?

Most of the issues that we are dealing with are lifestyle related issues. Our sleeping habits, our eating habits, lack of physical work and more competitive and stressful situations are responsible for these challenges. Evidence and research suggests that if proper psychosocial care is taken then we can address these issues.

Does Stress Cause Infertility?

There has been some research on whether or not anxiety or depression contributes to infertility. This research has shown that women with a history of depression are twice as likely to subsequently experience infertility as women who do not have such a history.